The Facility

The test and research facility consists of four tunnels, each 400 m long. The Zentrum am Berg consists of two parallel road tunnels and two parallel railway tunnels, which are connected by cross passages and galleries. In total, the entire facility offers about 4 km of underground testing and training areas. In addition to the underground usage area, the Zentrum am Berg also has additional above-ground test areas for further research projects.

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Road Tunnel

The two parallel road tunnels were built in accordance with the latest construction and equipment regulations and thus offer a total of approximately 800 tunnel metres for research and training purposes. 





Railway Tunnel

The two railway tunnels run parallel to each other, with crosscuts, and comply with the latest construction and equipment regulations, thus providing sufficient usable space.




Gallery System

The entire tunnel system consists of the former mining operations on the Erzberg and has a total length of more than 2 km. The most diverse forms of development come together here, making the Zentrum am Berg a unique facility.



Seminar opportunities

Around the underground infrastructure, a total of three lecture rooms for 25 people each are available at the Zentrum am Berg.




Good nutrition is the cornerstone for safe and satisfied work, which is why there is an in-house canteen in the training building for all meals.